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Show Dog Prep School is the premier online college for the art and science of conformation training, ring handling and show dog preparation. Our faculty is an impressive collection of professional dog trainers who also have a background in conformation training, handling and/or breeding.


At Show Dog Prep School we are committed to training show dogs using progressive, science based positive reinforcement based methods that encourage teamwork and partnership.

  • Positive Reinforcement Based Methods – We teach our students to train their dogs using science based methods that utilize positive reinforcement and dog friendly techniques.

  • Online Courses – Learn in the comfort of your own home at your own speed with our easy to navigate online classes.

  • Encourage Teamwork and Partnership – Our goal is to not only help build train their dogs but to teach people to live with and work with dogs in a way that creates a strong working relationship and partnership between dogs and their people.


Quality and results in our training.
Honesty and transparency in our methods.
Support and guidance for our students.

We understand that dogs are sentient beings and family members to the people who love them. We are committed to training using methods that are not only effective but that are based in science and are dog friendly.


Vicki has been an amazing mentor and friend. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for handling help or advice. Her webinars are a great way for people to get hands on help and advice without needing to travel to a seminar. The Mentorship program is fun!!


Under Vicki’s expert guidance, Remy and I thrived. My handling skills improved, Remy’s biddability improved, and together we flourished as a team. I absolutely could not have done any of it without the guidance, support and training from Vicki Ronchette!

Sarah J.

I do not think I would have ever gotten Valencia to this point without Vicki’s training techniques. Valencia is very sensitive and it takes a lot of patience to work with her. The end result? We took first in the BBE class on Saturday over some very nice bitches.

Theresa H.

Vicki has a dynamic presentation style and truly engaged our students, helping them develop skills specific to their and their dogs’ needs. Not only does she know dog shows inside and out, but her training information is backed by behavioral science.

Thanks, Vicki!

Andrea S.

I followed your suggestions after one workshop with you and was able to much better “read” my dog and understand how to work with her. THANK YOU!!!

Linda S.

Can I take a second to brag AND thank Vicki? I just found out Envy is the #6 Owner Handled Vizsla for 2014. I went to one of her workshops a few months ago and started fine tuning our showing. I can’t tell you how much it paid off. Her first time back out she went BOB over 2 top 10s on pros (including her sire) and 3 other specials (1 more handler). The next day she went select. Both days she went best BOBOH. and then a group 4 one day. I really think that little extra we worked on made a huge difference.

Colleen M.

Hanna smiling her way around the show ring last weekend… That smile is all thanks to Vicki, her positive training techniques, and the encouragement and support she’s given us!  Together, we even managed to place first in our class one day, over a pro! Although, the smile is what is the most important thing! Thank you Vicki!


I just wanted to share our great win with you all. This weekend my dog ‘Aiko’ (Japanese Spitz) won BIS at The Japanese Spitz Club of Ireland’s CH show, and took BOB in Munster Spitz and Primitive Breed CH Show! Aiko was trained completely using Vickie’s book Positive Training for Show Dogs and the happiness and joy he has while showing is all down to her wonderful and positive methods! Thank you Vicki Aquino Ronchette for being so awesome and writing this book and working so hard to make life better for show dogs everywhere, even in Ireland!! ♥

Kelly Q.

Vicki Aquino Ronchette, thank you for your influence in my training. A piece of you is given to every timid and fearful dog I work with.






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