Size: FULL
Category: Training
Instructor: Michele Pouliot


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This course provides an introduction to Clicker Training Skills with a focus on teaching foundation skills for puppies and adult dogs that will be competing in the show ring.

This course is an introduction to effective Clicker Training skills while teaching how to train a puppy or adult dog to enthusiastically assume a stand, in preparation for the show ring competition. You will also learn how to use raised platforms as a training tool for stand behaviors needed for the conformation show ring.

Goals for this course are:

  1. Learning effective Clicker (marker) training and positive reinforcement training skills
  2. Teaching a dog to offer Stand behavior to the handler
  3. Training a dog to assume and maintain a Stand position with enthusiasm and joy


Lesson 1 Why this “Clicker thing?”
Lesson 2 Getting Started – Your Training Skills
Lesson 3 Platforms as Training Tools
Lesson 4 Reward Handling and Delivery that Supports the Goal of Stand Behavior
Lesson 5 Clicker Training Enthusiastic Stand Behavior

No prerequisites necessary for this course!

  • One dog
  • High value treats
  • Clicker
  • Food Reward Bag
  • Basic buckle collar
  • Recommended: Training Platform prop (course provides information on the making of or purchasing training platforms)

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