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Category: Specialty
Instructor: Sayli Benadikar


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This course will introduce you to the basics of Barn Hunt while discussing how conformation dogs can benefit from this sport.

Barn Hunt is a modern dog sport that draws inspiration from the vermin hunting work performed by farm dogs and itinerant rat catching dog-human teams of the past. It is a dynamic and strategic game that incorporates elements of scentwork, agility and dog-human teamwork, and no rats are harmed.


Lesson 1 History and Context
Lesson 2 Rules of the Game
Lesson 3 Physical Skills
Lesson 4 Olfactory Skills
Lesson 5 Mental and Social Skills
Lesson 6 Troubleshooting
Lesson 7 Resources
Lesson 8 Parting Thoughts

No prerequisites necessary for this course!

All these are good to have items, none are required for this class:

  • A tunnel (an agility tunnel, or a makeshift tunnel made of cardboard boxes or the like);
  • Rats and rat tubes;
  • Bales of hay;
  • Objects that a dog can climb up on and down from are all good to have items though none are required for this class.

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