Size: MINI
Category: Specialty
Instructor: Laura Reeves


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“Crowd-source” the wisdom of the ages with Laura Reeves.

“Crowd-source” the wisdom of the ages as Laura walks you through knowledge obtained over the course of nearly 40 years breeding dogs. Advice on the critical selection of a foundation bitch, reading pedigrees, choosing a stud dog, researching health and temperament testing.


Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 Start Strong – Importance of the Foundation Bitch
Lesson 3 Pedigrees – How to read, how to study, what to look for, who to ask.
Lesson 4 Health – OFA, CHIC
Lesson 5 Temperament – Look at titles earned, talk to people long in the breed
Lesson 6 Importance of the Stud Dog
Lesson 7 Conclusion

Suggested but not required, Canine Structure 101

None required.

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