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Category: Specialty
Instructor: Cherie Ekholm UW-AAB, LC-SAMP, TTP1


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At its most basic level, TTouch is all about building a stronger bond between handler and dog.

Tellington TTouch is a training methodology that enables people and their dogs to live more harmoniously together through touch, specific groundwork exercises, and the use of body wraps that promote calm, comfort, and body awareness. Through this work, we also encourage greater body confidence for both human and dog. This gives us an advantage in the show ring where the placement of each step, for both dog and handler, can give an edge over other exhibitors. The use of touch allows us to either rev up a too quiet dog or to calm a nervy dog, whether before, during, or after ring time. Body wraps help to develop greater proprioception and general body awareness for our dogs, which can help with both gaiting and stacking, and can even help the handler. How much of this is science and how much is magical thinking? Let’s find out.


Lesson 1 What the heck is Tellington TTouch and what does it have to do with Conformation?
Lesson 2 Introduction to the Touches
Lesson 3 Introducing the Confidence Course
Lesson 4 What’s this body wrap thing?
Lesson 5 Learning is Lifelong
Lesson 6 TTouch and grooming
Lesson 7 Taking it to the show

No prerequisites necessary for this course!

  • Harness with 2-points of contact that does not restrict shoulder, elbow, or chest movement (Balance harness, TTouch Harness, Perfect Fit harness)
  • Double ended leash (i.e. leash with a hook at both ends)
  • Show lead(s)
  • Ace or Tensor bandage(s) (2” for small dogs, 3” for large)

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