Size: MINI
Category: Specialty, Training
Instructor: Andrea Stone


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There is no reason for nail trims to be a major chore! By teaching them to consent we can build the trust needed for them to actively participate in what is often a very unpleasant task for both you and your dog.

This mini-course will show you how to make nail trims less of a hassle and, if you put the time in, how to make them an easy, trust-building exercise with your dog. I will show you the equipment, talk about practical set up ideas, assessing your dog’s readiness and how to start. We’ll also discuss alternatives to the Dremel and how to know when your dog has had it with a Dremel manicure, whether it be in the moment or in general.


Lesson 1 Equipment
Lesson 2 Set the Stage
Lesson 3 Assess Your Dog’s Comfort
Lesson 4 Getting Started
Lesson 5 Change Things Up
Lesson 6 the Keys to Success
  • None required!
  • Dremel
  • Guillotine/scissor trimmer
  • Scratchy Board
  • Food reward

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