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Category: Training, Specialty
Instructor: Vicki Ronchette, CPDT


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In this course you will learn everything you need to know about how to shape a puppy into a show dog. Everything from how to start the early training, to socialization and teaching early handling, it’s all here.

I adore raising puppies and have raised many of many different breeds. Some I raised into adulthood, some I have raised along with the breeder or co-owner. Additionally, I frequently take in puppies for short term board and train working on both show ring behaviors as well as life skills and manners training. This course is the product of my years of taking young puppies and shaping them into reliable show dogs who are also well adjusted companions. While this is geared towards show puppies, this course is really for anyone who wants to raise a well adjusted puppy.


Lesson 1 Right from the Start
Lesson 2 Things All Breeders Should Do
Lesson 3 Socializing and Positive Exposure
Lesson 4 Puppy Classes: Yes or No?
Lesson 5 Gentle Handling Training
Lesson 6 Bite Examination Preparation Training
Lesson 7 Getting Started Training Show Puppies
Lesson 8 Training with a Marker
Lesson 9 Name Recognition Training
Lesson 10 Standing as Your Default
Lesson 11 Early Hand Stacking Training
Lesson 12 For Wiggly Puppies
Lesson 13 Stacking Boxes
Lesson 14 Early Gait Training
Lesson 15 Hand Target Training
Lesson 16 Other Things to Train
Lesson 17 Early Body Awareness Training

No prerequisites necessary for this course!

  • High value treats
  • Clicker (optional)

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