Size: FULL
Category: Training
Instructor: Allie Lowry, CPDT-KA


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Having a good foundation of basic skills opens up you and your dog’s world.

This dog is able to calmly lay on her mat at a busy dog show.

While it’s important for your dog to have the skills to succeed in the show ring, they also need to be a dog that you want to live with the rest of the time. Being able to go for a nice walk to burn off some energy before the show or having a dog that can calmly lay down under the table while you grab some lunch with friends before Groups may sound like a pipe dream, but they are totally achievable goals. Learn how to set your dog up for success and have great manners in and out of the ring!


Lesson 1 Building a Foundation of Attention
Lesson 2 Self-Control
Lesson 3 Polite Greetings
Lesson 4 Getting from Here to There: Loose Leash Walking
Lesson 5 Hanging Out: Mat/Place Training
Lesson 6 Crate/Confinement Training
Lesson 7 Loose Dog!: Reliable Recalls
Lesson 8 Useful Extras
  • None required!
  • None required!

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