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Category: Specialty
Instructor: Cherie Ekholm UW-AAB, LC-SAMP, TTP1


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Whether you go by plane, car, or RV, this class will help with organization, planning, and practical life skills for dogs and their handlers.

Once you have a dog and are signed up to go to a show (or other sporting event) you have to get there. This course will discuss training issues and practicalities of traveling with dogs by car, plane, and motorhome. Whether you are going to the National Specialty, Westminster, or just down the road, there are plenty of things you’ll need to think about packing, organizing, and training your dog to do. From pooping on a leash to entering and exiting doors politely, to learning how to manage a few hours either in cargo on a plane or stuffed under the seat in front of you, you and you dog will be more prepared for the next adventure after this class.



Lesson 1 Safety First
Lesson 2 Generalizing Key Skills from Home to a Wider Set of Locations
Lesson 3 Safety First – Key Canine Skills and Management
Lesson 4 The Essential Must-Haves No Matter How You are Traveling
Lesson 5 Traveling by Car
Lesson 6 Traveling by RV
Lesson 7 Traveling by Plane
Lesson 8 Don’t Forget to Prepare for YOU

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