Size: FULL
Category: Training, Handling
Instructor: Vicki Ronchette, CPDT


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This course will teach you how to train your dog to be hand stacked and to free stack for the show ring. How to train it, as well as how to train the dog to hold the position and problem solve issues will all be discussed.

A great stack is critical for show dog success. Your dog stacked is the first impression the judge gets of your dog. A hand stack is necessary for when you first get into the ring and just before the individual exam where some judges scrutinize the dog the most. A free stack is flashy and impressive. It tells the judge this dog is built well and it is easy and comfortable for him to stand this way. An amazing free stack can mean the win.

How a dog is stacked can make a dog look amazing, mediocre or downright bad. A slight weight shift or a foot placed 1” off can make a nice dog look droopy and inferior.


Lesson 1 Stack Training Things to Know
Lesson 2 Teaching Hand Stacking
Lesson 3 Table Dogs
Lesson 4 Teaching the Free Stack
Lesson 5 Adding Duration and Distance
Lesson 6 Perfecting the Stacks
Lesson 7 Problem-Solving Stacking Issues

No prerequisites necessary for this course!

  • Show lead and collar
  • High value treats
  • Clicker (optional)
  • Some other props may be needed for certain exercises

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