Why can’t I login to my account?2018-11-27T20:10:37+00:00

Unless the website is experiencing an issue, most issues have to do with your computer’s cookies. Deleting your cookies by clearing your browsing data will many times fix the issue. We ask that you attempt to clear your computer’s cookies before contacting us about a technical issue. This is a quick and simple solution and is good for your computer anyway. If you are not sure how to clear your computer’s cookies a quick internet search will bring up instructions on how to do it for your computer and system.

What training methods do you use?2018-05-30T18:55:28+00:00

All of our instructors teach you to train your dog using positive reinforcement methods which is science-based as well as dog friendly.

What if I need more help than just an online course?2018-05-30T18:51:52+00:00

Most of our full-length courses can be purchased alone or as a Course with Coaching which gives you access to our community forum where your class instructor can answer questions and give feedback.

What are the qualifications of your instructors?2018-05-30T18:54:33+00:00

Our instructors are some of the finest trainers and behavior consultants in the country. Most of our instructors hold training certifications or credentials and all of them compete in dog shows.

How often do instructors give feedback?2018-05-30T18:53:35+00:00

Instructors respond to feedback at least once a week, but usually more often.

How long will I have access to my course?2018-11-27T20:15:00+00:00

Students are given access to their courses for a period of one year from when you register.

How does online learning work?2018-05-30T18:46:37+00:00

With our learning platform you have access to our lesson plans which include written content, videos and photos. Our courses are ongoing so you are welcome to go at your own pace.

Can I get a refund?2018-05-30T18:52:41+00:00

No, because our courses are ongoing with no set start date we are unable to offer refunds.