We offer many of our workshops online. An online workshop is a great way to get the coaching you need at an affordable price. Using our Zoom platform, our workshops allow you to talk, work your dog and ask questions of your instructor in real time. We are pleased to be offering many of our most popular workshops in this format.

We offer both working and auditing spots. With a working spot, you will put up your phone or computer and work your dog, getting instruction and feedback. With an auditing spot, you will not have your camera on, but will be allowed to watch participants and ask questions. All participants are sent a recording of the workshop which they may view on YouTube for 60 days.

Shaping Tails and Ears Workshop
Saturday, February 6, 9:00am to 10:15am

Does your dog carry his or her tail too high? Or too low?

Are you frustrated with your dog not using his or her ears?

In this workshop you will learn how to train isolated body part movements. While we are concentrating on tails and ears, you can use this method for head tilts, weight shifts to get over their fronts and so much more.

Please note that there are NO REFUNDS for purchased working or auditing spots. We cannot be responsible for participant internet or computer issues.

Working Spots (Limited to 6) $49.95
Auditing Spots $25.00

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Show Stopping Stacks Zoom Workshop
Sunday, 2/22/21, 10:00am to 11:30am PT

Do you wonder how professional handlers get those great free stacks on their dogs?

Do you want to be more competitive in the show ring with better free stacks and flawless hand stacking?

Do you want your dog to understand how to stack when you ask him to?

If you want great stacks in the show ring, this workshop is for you. From teaching the dog to reposition a front or back leg, to training how to allow you to hand stack the dog, to training the dog to hold the stack with you at a distance, this workshop will cover it all! Limited spots! Register today!

Please note that there are NO REFUNDS for purchased working or auditing spots. We cannot be responsible for participant internet or computer issues.

Working Spots (Limited to 6) $49.95
Auditing Spots $25.00

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Mastering Your Dog’s Movement Zoom Workshop
Sunday, 1/24/21, 10:00am to 11:30am PT

Whether you have a puppy or adult dog just learning how to gait or just want to improve your dogs movement, this workshop is just for you.

We will work on training a dog or puppy to gait for the show ring from scratch.

We will discuss how to correct and address movement issues such as pacing or pulling.

We will experiment with collar and lead position, speed of movement and handler arm position and much more!

Please note that there are NO REFUNDS for purchased working or auditing spots. We cannot be responsible for participant internet or computer issues.

Working Spots $49.95

Auditing Spots SOLD OUT

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Our live webinars are a great way to learn from the comfort of your own home. Our webinars are attended via Zoom and include a 15 minute Q & A at the end of the . PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

Cavalettis for Show Dogs Live Webinar
Sunday, January 31, 10:00am to 11:15am

Show Dog Prep School Founder Vicki Ronchette has been using cavalettis with show dogs for many years. She has spent the past 13 years developing and perfecting her methods for using cavalettis to deal with gaiting issues such as pacing, pulling on the lead, rushing dogs into front of them, cutting corners and much more.

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From Shy to Showy Live Webinar
Friday, February 26, 4:30pm-6:00pm

Do you have a show dog that doesn’t like to show? How about a show dog that is shy or fearful in the show ring? This webinar is for anyone who shows or lives with a shy or fearful dog. These proven, science based methods will help your show dog or your companion dog learn to feel more comfortable, safe and relaxed. If you have already read the book, From Shy to Showy or taken our online course, this will give you an opportunity to ask questions of the creator of the program.

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Host a Seminar or Workshop






Vicki Ronchette is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and has been working with dogs professionally since the early 1980s. She has worked with animals as a veterinary assistant, pet groomer, dog and bird trainer, raptor handler and behavior consultant. She has competed in conformation, obedience, rally, field trials, earth dog, agility, freestyle, barn hunt, and nose work. Vicki is the author of Positive Training for Show Dogs – Building a Relationship for Success and From Shy to Showy – Help for Your Shy Show Dog. She is the owner and moderator of the Positive Training for Show Dogs Facebook group, the Positive Training for Show Dogs website and the Clickershowdogs Yahoo group. Her passion is helping people train their show dogs using positive reinforcement methods. Vicki teaches people locally in group classes and workshops and offers webinars which have been attended by people from all over the world. Vicki has finished many dogs of her owns and of friends and clients. She has handled dogs from all of the AKC groups and her clients have attained many high-level accomplishments including championships, grand championships, best in specialty show wins, group placements, All Breed Best in Shows as well as national breed rankings including multiple No. 1 rankings in competitive breeds.

Seminar Information

Vicki can speak on different subjects, but generally speaks on conformation training. There are different ways to structure a seminar and we can tailor one to meet the needs of your group. Some ideas are:

One full day seminar for dog owners on using positive reinforcement training for show dogs and problem solving issues with show dogs

One full day seminar on problem solving specific show ring issues

One half day seminar of Vicki’s From Shy to Showy which focuses on working with shy or fearful show dogs

Two and a half hour mini workshops for Show Stopping Stacks and/or Mastering Your Dog’s Movement

One full day seminar for dog trainers on teaching conformation and offering conformation classes

One full day seminar for dog owners and one half day for dog trainers

One full day seminar for dog trainers and/or owners and one full day of private sessions

One to three hour presentations for breed clubs or training clubs for various conformation topics

This can all be tailored to meet your needs

Half day seminars are offered only with one full day seminars for out of state hosts

My Style

Vicki enjoys doing a combination of lecture/powerpoint and working with seminar dogs. Dogs can be set up in the area with their owners as if they were at a dog show (dog’s crate by owner’s chair) so they can work on crate skills during the lecture pieces. Vicki welcomes relevant questions throughout the seminar.


Depending on what the presentation is on, attendees should expect to leave with a clear understanding of how a dog show works, what equipment is available, what behaviors a show dog needs to be taught, how to problem solve issues with show dogs, helpful tools to use with training show dogs and much more. Seminars for professional trainers will help them have a clearer understanding of how dog shows work, how to support their show dog clients and how to offer show dog classes and training.

Speaking Fees

$1000 per day (approximately 6 speaking hours, 7 hours total, for up to 14 working teams, plus auditors) Additional working teams $75 per team.
$125 per hour for private lessons

$600 for half day (approximately 4 speaking hours, 5 hours total, for up to 14 working teams plus auditors) Additional working teams $60 per team kamagra oral jelly rezeptfrei.

$300 for 2.5 hour workshops (2.5 speaking hours, up to 14 teams, Northern California ONLY)

$100 for 1 hour for breed club or training club workshops or clinics

$85 for one hour breed club presentations (presentation only, not workshop with working dogs, Northern California ONLY). Plus, travel expenses, lodging expenses and two meals per day as well as any printing costs

Filling the Workshop

When you book the workshop you will be sent a speaking contract. Please know that you will be able to cancel or postpone if you cannot fill the workshop as we get closer.


Seminars have been held in very large training buildings and as small as 800 sq ft. As long as there is enough space to accommodate the dogs and people it works for us.


Host is responsible for providing lodging. Vicki is happy to stay in a hotel or to stay with the host in order to save hosting costs. She enjoys spending time with other dog trainers and behavior geeks.


Host is responsible for booking and paying for airline expenses to the location from Northern California. If the seminar is within 3 hours she will drive and the other expenses will be added to the total.

Charging for the seminar

We have been hosting other speakers for years and understand that it can be intimidating to try and put a workshop or seminar weekend so here is a breakdown to give you an idea of possible this can be to do. Hosts may set the fees for the seminar based on averages in their area. Generally, $125 a day is the average and many hosts will offer an early bird registration discount as well as auditor spots for people who won’t be bringing a dog.

Hosts, have the opportunity to make a significant profit if they have space. Here is an approximate hypothetical breakdown of costs for a one-day seminar. Speaking fee to Vicki – $1000

Airfare – $500

Hotel – $0 if Vicki stays with host

Meals – $50

Printing – $100

Total – $1650

In this scenario you would need 13 attendees to attend one day to break even and any extras would be 100% profit for the host.

“It was a real pleasure to have Vicki Ronchette present Polishing Your Performance and From Shy to SHOWY at UCLA Dogs. Her information was informed and in-depth and clearly comes from a place of passion. She has a dynamic presentation style and truly engaged our students, helping them develop skills specific to their and their dogs’ needs. Not only does she know dog shows inside and out, but her training information is backed by behavioral science.

Speaking as a host, Vicki was wonderful to work with. She is flexible and down to earth making the somewhat daunting task of putting on a seminar so much easier. It was a lot of fun having her out and we look forward to making it happen again soon! Thanks, Vicki!”

–Andrea Stone CCD CDW UCLA Dogs trainer and co-owner

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